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Our website is currently in development. We apologise for any broken links.
Our website is currently in development. We apologise for any broken links.

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Empower change with your generous support. Every donation fuels Earth Volunteers’ mission to protect our planet, educate communities, and drive impactful projects for a sustainable future.

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Earth Volunteers is a registered non-profit – at the moment, we receive no statutory funding – and work across Africa and cross-continentally on community-tailored projects in the fields of climate education, capacity building, and ecosystem restoration with tree planting.

Key Information

  • Climate education nonprofit and social enterprise
  • Help support our community projects
  • Options for regular or one-time giving

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Frequently Asked Question

What you should know about how we collect, and maximise your generous donations for our work at Earth Volunteers. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to our support team for personalised assistance.

Will I Receive Updates on What My Donation Is Used For?

Yes, as a valued supporter, you'll receive annual updates and reports on how your donation is contributing to our projects and the positive changes it's bringing about. To get even faster updates, subscribe to our Donor newsletter.

How Can I Follow The Work You Do?

To see where your donations go, subscribe to our newsletter for donors down below and follow our social media channels to see what projects we are currently working on.

How Do I Opt-Out or Update My Recurring Donation?

We're sad to see you opt out, please tell us what we can do to better utilise your donations. To opt out, you can reach out to our team at or simply ask your bank to deactivate recurring transactions to Earth Volunteers.

Why Should I Become A Recurring Donor?

Becoming a recurring donor ensures sustained support for Earth Volunteers' ongoing initiatives, allowing us to plan and implement long-term projects that make a lasting impact on environmental sustainability and education.

Can I Make A One-time Donation?

Yes, you can make a one-time donation to Earth Volunteers. Simply visit our donation page, choose the 'One-Time' option, and contribute to support our mission.

Can I Specify How My Donation Is Used?

Certainly! While general donations contribute to our overall mission, you can also choose to support a specific project or initiative during the donation process as a transaction description. To learn about our projects, please visit the "Projects" page.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to someone about making a donation, please contact us on and subscribe to our Donors Newsletter

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We’re driving positive change by leveraging partnerships, and collaborations as a catalyst toward global sustainability. Explore our impactful initiatives that make a lasting difference in our communities and the environment.